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You're a singer or songwriter. You have a band. You write lyrics. You write music. You've written a hit song. You want to record. You need a home recording studio to make demo recordings.

Otherwise you'll spend thousands on a demo recording in a pro studio just to find you needed to rewrite the lyrics. Make a demo first and do it cheaply. 

When considering a home recording studio design, save money. 

1. Condenser microphone
Get an inexpensive condenser microphone. Behringer B-1 and B-2, Marshall microphones, CAD. It's also important to have a tube preamp to give warmth when recording digital.

2. Dynamic microphone
The most popular dynamic mic on the market is the Shure SM-58. and the Shure SM-57 included. You need a dynamic mic. Even if your only going to have one microphone. If you're only going to have two microphones, get a dynamic and a condenser. Other dynamics mics include the Behringer 8500. I've tested this mic against an SM-58 and it's incredible. Believe it or not, you can get (3) at Musician's Friend for $60.00 the last time I looked.

3. Digital recorder
I use a Fostex VF-160. For 3 years it's never failed yet. Sixteen uncompressed channels or tracks.  This is important. Digital recorders sound "funny" to me when the audio is compressed to save hard drive space. There are other digital recorders on the market including the Fostex V8 8 track. You never have to buy tape. If you don't want to buy new, you can probably find a good deal on eBay. 

You can also use your computer to record. There is free software available. I personally like the feel of the knobs, etc. but to each his own. The rest of the stuff is on this list is imperative.

4. Monitor system
I use AKG and Audio Technica headphones. Especially for a small recording studio. Not a lot of money, but realistic. This way you save money on having to buy monitor speakers and a monitor amplifier. Headphones are true and they don't wake the family.

5. Audio Effects
I only use a BBE Sonic Maximizer, Joe Meek compressor, Alesis 3130 compressor and ART Studio V3 tube preamp. All other effects are in the Fostex VF160. 

You will need a good reverb or delay unit if not included in your recorder. Again try eBay.

6. CD recorder for mixdown
It's in the Fostex VF160. CD recorders are readily available, try Best Buy, WalMart, and eBay.

Most of these recording studio accessories can be found on eBay. Search Google. If you can't find what you're looking for, email us and we will find it for you at a good price.