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Homebuilt Pontoon Boat Plans
Build an unsinkable pontoon boat with wood, foam and fiberglass for under $500. A catamaran designed homebuilt pontoon boat. Perfect for fishing, cruising, scuba diving, swimming and camping. Boat build plans available.

Video Production and Recording Gear
Panasonic and JVC digital video equipment. Cameras, Mini DV camcorders, switchers DVD recorders. Video gear for your TV production studio. Better video equipment than you need for

Build a Home Recording Studio
Maybe you're a singer songwriter or you have a band. You write music and lyrics. You've written a song. You want to record. You need a home recording studio to make demo recordings.

Audio Recording and Studio Equipment
Allen & Heath, Mackie SoundCraft, Midas audio mixers, digital audio recorders. Build a pro demo recording studio. If you write songs, record those songs and get your music on iTunes and youTube.




Real Foods
Eat healthy and avoid diseases. Free health articles and nutrition information. Information on the Champion juicer, the Austin Air air purifier, the WaterWise water distillers & Excalibur food dehydrators.

Eat To Be Healthy - The Best Insurance Money Can Buy. A $2.99 eBook that will change your life, keep you healthy and help you live longer.

Vintage Clothing
Vintage clothes for men and women. Jewelry, dresses, handbags, accessories, hats and more.
Check out Leisa's Vintage

How To Eat To Be Healthy
Knowing what to eat to be healthy, and what foods to avoid and why, is the best (and least expensive) health insurance money can buy.

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